Startups (G2Capital and Partners)


a55 is the first Fintech in Brazil to provide financing based on billing predictability and using future billing as collateral. Through the data generated by the system, they provide a pre-approved credit for the company to continue growing, faster and still on its terms.

Gama Academy

Gama Academy is an education project designed to prepare talents for various areas of your company. With the real challenges of your daily life, we train professionals with the best names in the market to boost your team´s performance.


Hybrid integration platform (HIP) that enables its customers to connect and integrate legacy systems 10x faster and cheaper.


CECyber ​​is a Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity, which offers a complete and continuous training process in cybersecurity.

Geek Hunter

Hiring platform for developers that attracts technology talent and uses AI and Machine Learning tools to help companies hire the best candidates.

Cat My Pet

Cat My Pet is the first brazilian brand specialized in developing products for cats.

James Tip

James Tip is an Artificial Intelligence that helps retailers to reduce disruptions and excess supplies.


Ingresse is a social ticketing company that enables people to discover the latest concerts, nightclubs, parties, and theater plays.


Ramper is a software that automates sales prospecting processes and increases the level of qualified leads through outbound marketing.


Hotelli Coporate presents in real time the best possible itinerary for each travel request. Airline ticket reservations, accommodations, maps, routes and transport around the city can be made in just one click.


Poppin is a social app that uses events and activities to connect people. The app identifies people who have the same interests and habits and usually go to the same places, in as much as the app makes people connect in real life promoting up to ninety (90) times more encounters compared with other existing platforms.

Cão Guia Robô

Lysa is a social responsibility project which objective is to help visually impaired people´s daily life, providing them with greater autonomy and life quality.


Saipos is a startup that offers an online management system which organizes restaurant, delivering efficiency and simplicity in order to optimize the entrepreneur's business management.

Mana Manutenção

Mana is a 100% female labor residential maintenance company. They offer services and courses in in electrical maintenance, hydraulics, assembly of furniture and general facilities such as: shelves, paintings and drywall.

Green Pallets

Founded by two young entrepreneurs. Greenpallets is a company that develops and manufactures products of Autoral Design in the decoration and small furniture segment.

House of Fintech

House of Fintech is a shared space that inspires innovation and expires disruption. We are the first pole of fintechs without the name of a large financial conglomerate behind. We put together companies that work with complementary financial services and that have the same purpose to enhance access to financial services.


Why having a closet full of bags you never wear? BoBags is the pioneer site of purchase and rent of handbags.


Lévaê is a healthy fast food and became famous for its tasty salads. A new menu is conceived weekly according to the 4 lines of the company. People can subscribe to it weekly or monthly and have their food delivered periodically at home or at work. It is also a catering service for businesses through refrigerators or vending machines. It is also available in some points of sale in the city of Rio de Janeiro.


Leverage your retail sales by mapping consumer´s behavior at the point of sale. Boost product performance with an analytical solution through online delivery to the managers of conversion and measures of ROI (Return on Investment) indicators.


Upik is a pocket architect which offers online help (chatbot) to make the most of space constraints, make it beautiful as you have always dreamed of with conditions that fit in your pocket.


The 789 TRIP is a subscription travel agency. The first 100% digital agency where you purchase your corporate trip at cost.

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